Water saving nozzle is a metal attachment (made of Brass and chrome coated for durability) which can be retrofitted in to an existing tap without replacing the tap. Water saving nozzles like Truemist, Truemist Twister, True Spray Converts the regular stream of water into either mist or umbrella pattern. Users can save up to 97% water compared to normal aerators.

1. Truemist twister is a dual mode water saving nozzle which can save up to 90% water in mist mode and 60% water in shower mode. It best suited for all places. 

2. Trumist is a single mode water saving nozzle which can save up to 97%. This nozzle is best suited for Corporate restrooms, Public places.

3. Truespray nozzles are best for Kitchen, Commercial Kitchen, Religious places and Public places where the quantity of water very less compared to a normal tap.

4. True TapShower is designed for Kitchen as the water flows in a shower pattern covering maximum area and reduce the splashing of water

All the above nozzles were manufacutured by www.synergyautomatics.in. Further details can be found in www.watersave.in

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