Greenly TrueMIST Water Saving portable hand wash Station

To keep hands clean and germs free, Set up a portable and mobile hand wash station from Greenly at your premise entrance be it a office, factory or commercial establishment.

With our award winning Truemist water saving nozzle, Mobile hand wash station can save up to 90% water and improve water saving.

Currently, mobile hand wash stations are not pressurized and the water flows through gravity. because of lower pressure due to gravity, Hand wash takes a longer duration hence increases water wastage.

Our Greenly TrueMIST Water Saving mobile hand wash Station pressurizes the water and dispense water at higher pressure and reduces the hand wash duration and the quantity of water used for hand wash. Our nozzle can collectively save up to 90% water.

What are the benefits? 

  • Saves water more than  90% per hand wash ( Just 100 ml per hand wash)
  • Less number of tank refills ( lasts for approximate 10,000 hand wash per refill)
  • Keeps hands clean and away from Germs

   Water saving mobile hand wash station Package contains  

  •  Mobile station 4 Taps with TrueMIST water saving nozzle
  • 1000 liters SINTEX water tank
  • Motor with pressure booster tank (Automatic switch ON / OFF only when the tap is opened or pressure is low in the system)

Technical Specification:

 Total Number of Taps with Nozzle – 4 Numbers

 Water flow rates per tap – 300 ml per minutes ( Normal tap flow is 8 to 16 Liters per minute based on water pressure)

 Water Tank Capacity – 1000 liters (Sintex tank with tank – Optional)

 Build – 1 inch square tube with painting. Shield with multi-layer polycorbonate sheet 

 Pump – 0.5 HP Single Phase electric motor with Pressure booster tank. 1 Year warranty. Energy Saver. Auto ON/OFF (Optional)

 Electrical Connection – 230V / 5A

 with Water Pre-filter & Stainer and tank mounted on a frame. (Optional)


 Variants / Models & Options:

  • PLUS – Manual Taps
  • PREMIUMSensor Taps from Jaguar, Hindware, Parryware or reputed brands
  • Foot pedal models available too.
  • 500 Liters tank
  • 500 Liters tank Stand
  • 1000 Liters tank
  • 1000 Liters tank stand 

Taps will be from reputed brand like Jaguar, Hindware, Parryware, EssEss, Prayag, ESCO or equivalent with 5 year warranty


 Where it can be used:

  • Bus stand
  • Railway’s Station
  • Shopping Mall
  • IT Parks
  • School/Colleges
  • Children’s Park
  • Airport
  • Restaurant
  • Apartments
  • Street Corners
  • Food Court
  • Metro Station
  • Temples
  • Hospitals
  • Home
  • Industrial Areas
  • Government office


Mainly at the entrance 




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