Greenly offers innovative and foolproof rainwater harvesting solutions which very effective in conservation and consumption of Rainwater efficiently in Chennai.


We offer consultancy for integrated water resources in buildings, apartments, factories, and commercial establishments through our simple, yet innovative techniques.


Greenly provides integrated water resource management in the premises including buildings, apartments, factories and commercial establishments . Greenly Rain Water Harvesting system is brought to the customers through partnership with RPV WISY Enterprises (Indo-German Partnership). We offer innovative yet simple water harvesting system which overcomes all the shortcomings of traditional or conventional water harvesting system. Greenly offer rain water harvesting consultancy services and provides turnkey solutions including construction, maintenance in various cities including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune and Gurgoan.

Let’s discuss the problems and pain points first with traditional or conventional rain water harvesting system available in the market.

  • Improper Filtration.
  • The dirt accumulates in the filter mesh causes regular blocking, which reduces the water filtration rate.
  • High accumulation of organic/inorganic wastes runs to the storage tank along with the filtered water.
  • Results in over running of fresh water through the accumulated wastes.
  • Periodic maintenance is highly required.
  • Low water diversion capacities.
  • Poor water flow rate and efficiency.
  • Can over flow during the heavy rain.
  • Prone to clogging and microbial or fungal growth if not maintained regularly.
  • Add bleach to the storage tanks to prevent growth of algae on a regular basis.
  • Possibility of clogging in the filter element.
  • Doesn’t follow any Standards & guidelines, which results poor working performance.

Advantage of our water harvesting system

  • Collect up to 99 % of rainwater.
  • Follows the DIN standards and guidelines.
  • Works on Principle of free flow and adhesion.
  • Drainage safety.
  • Automatic rinsing off dirt water and complete dirt separation.
  • Oxygenation of the rainwater at different stages.
  • Extremely low maintenance.
  • High water collection efficiency.
  • Eco friendly.
  • High durability and reliability.
  • No clogging of filter element, which results in high efficiency, high water yield and good cleaning performance.
  • Long life, 100 % recyclable materials.
  • Stainless steel filter element has to be cleaned 1 to 4 times in a year either by dishwasher or by hand.
  • Stable construction even if the installation is underground.

How we are doing it?

1. Rainwater is captured through downspouts and diverted through either Vortex or Down pipe filter for fine filtration and oxygenation.

2. Water then passes through a smoothing inlet for sedimentation and distribution of oxygenate drain water within the storage or open well.

3. Extraction of filtered water from the storage by a Floating filter for reuse.(Incase of reuse)

4. A multi-siphon device controls the overflow and skimming of floating substances.(In case of storage tanks).


rain water harvesting filter india

Vortex Fine Filter WFF 


WFF filters can be used where rainwater from the roof is channeled through a horizontal underground pipe. The unit filters and diverts rainwater to a storage tank or cistern. Leaves, moss and other debris are washed through to drain or soak away. Rainwater enters the inlet connection in the side of the WFF unit. The inlet is designed to swirl the water in a vortex-like action around the surface of the stainless steel filter below. The rainwater is drawn through the vertical mesh walls of the fine filter by adhesion, then collected and fed through the outlet to the storage tank. Debris and particles too large for the filter are flushed through to the drain outlet by the action of water flowing down the surface of the filter. More than 95% of the rainwater entering the WFF is filtered and collected by this principle.


  •  Suitable for roof areas from 450 sq.mt to 550 sq.mt
  •  Filtration with 0.28 mm mesh size.
  •  Filtered the water at the rate of 12.8 Litre / Second.
  • Self-cleaning capability.
  •  No energy consumption. Oxygenation of filtered water.
  • Automatic separation of suspended solids from rainwater.
  • No restriction or obstruction of water flow through the appliance (conforms to DIN1986)                                             
  • More than 95% efficient.
  • Low / Nil maintenance.
  • Tough polyethylene housing.
  • High quality stainless steel filter mesh.


The unit is designed to eliminate turbulence of the incoming water as it enters the tank. It is fitted to the open end of the inlet pipe at the base of the tank, which means that the fresh water enters from below the current water level. The water thus gently percolates up from the base, causing no disturbance of the beneficial sediment layer in the base of the tank. This reduces easy settlements of suspended solids.


  • Distribution of the fresh water in an upward direction.
  • Slows down speed of fresh water.
  • Allows new particles to settle.
  • Keeps old sediment undisturbed.
  • Spreads the oxygen from fresh water in the tank.

rain water harvesting system smoothening inlet
Suction filter for rain water harvesting india


The SAFF types are especially suitable for domestic and commercial rainwater harvesting systems. The unit consists of a polyethylene ball float
and a fine mesh filter, with an integral non return valve. The mesh size of the filter is 0.23mm and thus prevents the suction of large particles into the pump. This reduces wear on the pump considerably and also increases the operational safety of the whole installation. A floating ball allows the suction point to rise and fall with the water level. This ensures that water is extracted from where it is cleanest; just below the surface of the water and above the bottom of the tank where heavier particles accumulate over time.


  • Protects the pump against drawing up sediment
  • Extracts water from the cleanest point
  • Ensures the quality of the rainwater system
  • Integral non-return valve
  • High quality stainless steel construction


The Multi-siphon overflow unit has been designed specifically for use in rainwater storage tanks. The unit is effectively a ‘U’ bend, providing a water seal. This acts as a barrier to unpleasant smells from the drain that connects to the overflow, which could otherwise taint the water. The unit also performs the important function within the tank of removing the floating debris from the surface of the water. This is achieved by the design of the units’ inlet, which is so shaped that when overflow conditions occur the water is ‘skimmed” rapidly into the horizontal opening.


  • Multifunctional overflow unit
  • Made of impact-resistant ABS plastic.
  • Connects to an overflow pipe.
  • Removes surface debris.
  • No drain smells.
  • Prevents rodents from entering into the tank
  • Corrosion proof
  • Optional anti-backflow device
  • Optional anti-vermin device
  • Horizontal opening maximizes skimming effects

multi siphon india

How much rain water will be saved by using this system?

  • Our Rain water harvesting system saves around 122,000 Liters per 1000 square feet per year.


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